Sunday, May 21, 2017

Redwing blackbird with 4 bands

Yesterday was a nice sunny day, so decided to take a paddle down the lake and back.  On the way back saw some grackles on the shore, drifted over and took some pictures of them.  A redwing blackbird flew in, I  took a couple shots of it, and noticed something shiny.  Looking closer I could see that it had 4 leg bands.  So I tried to get as close to possible to it.  Moving canoe, moving bird, good luck with that.  I managed to get a few shots.  Having shot raw files I was able to enlarge quite a bit, converting to 1000 dpi I even managed to get some of the markings on the numbered band.  Now, not the clearest shots, but I'm hoping that if I find out who's doing the banding on the birds maybe they'll at least be interested in where one of them is currently located.  Seems unusual to have 4 bands on a redwing.  Can't quite make out the markings on the band but hey, as small as it is from about 20 feet away, at least it's something.

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