Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Where does the time get to.......

Been over a year since I last put a post on this blog, gotta get back into it.  The older ya get, the faster time flies.  Need to get back into my photography.  Too many hafta-dos interferin' wid the wanna-dos.  At least I got out to see the Perseids, not the best show I've seen but there were a few good meteors.  Lasted until 2:30 a.m.  Frustration sets in when the camera is pointed in one direction and the meteors fly *just* out of field of view, still haven't downloaded so don't know how many I actually caught.  It seems that time is flying by almost as quickly as these meteors, and time for fun is just as fleeting.  At least we've had good weather this summer, at times a bit too hot, but come mid January I'll be wishing I were back in the warm lake.  I'm making sure I'm in swimming at least once every day, good exercise.  Lost a few pounds and want to keep up the momentum with the diet/exercise routine, get a good start before firewood gathering season which is always guaranteed to trim a bit off the ol' bod.

Looks like I'll get a bit of exercise chasing this rotton little mosquito.  I was just telling people that the mosquitoes haven't been too bad this year while we were sitting out on the deck, then a swarm came along as if to dispute my claims.  Bad enough that the little pestilences torment you with their bites, now they've joined in a conspiracy to ruin your credibility as well.  But try as they might they  were unable to spoil the enjoyment of good company.

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